A few things you need to know about wet rooms in London

Interior design is an important means of personal expression. Also, it is accessible to everyone on various levels. The main rooms that tend to be targeted during home improvement projects include kitchens, basements and living rooms. However, there is one place that one place where you have the opportunity to make a striking style statement, with special thanks to the fast growing popularity of wet rooms in London.


When it is about interiors, it is quite difficult to find the right balance between personal preferences and budget. You want each and every element of your house to be the correct projection of your personality. Moreover, you want your rooms to be aesthetically appealing and also provide the most functionality. In London homes usually, we have space for a single bathroom cum toilet. It is also possible that we have a toilet and a separate bathroom. Having a separate bathroom has quite a few advantages. Firstly, in households with more than one occupant, it is better if the bathroom and toilet space are separate. Because when one person is having a shower or hot water bath, and another person needs the loo, they will not be knocking the door down, asking you to hurry up. They can simply go to the toilet to answer the call of nature.

In addition, having separate bathrooms and toilets adds to the resale value of the house because it is an added feature that adds convenience and functionality. An important feature that is not new to European homes are Wet rooms. The popularity of wet rooms is getting a revival because people are understanding the numerous benefits wet rooms have to offer.

Firstly, you must understand what a wet room is exactly. It is not a new innovation; although their popularity is on the rise outside of Europe, however in some countries wet rooms have been in use for centuries. It is essentially a bathroom in which the shower is not cordoned off by walls, curtains, or any other means of blocking water. Very simply, the striking and most defining feature of a wet room is the presence of a walk in shower, whose platform is level with the rest of the room’s flooring.

Wet room in London present a design feature that is essentially more challenging to construct because the visual effect of a walk in shower is mesmerizing, as it offers clean lines and very little visual clutter. In addition, the fact that most wet rooms are lined with tiles are the most effective means of avoiding water damage and ensuring that your room lasts a long time. the walls and floors of these wet rooms are the areas that are the focal points of the room. Many wet room designers in London offer designs with state of the art features and fittings that give a very modern feel to the room. Moreover, these state of the art fittings also offers a stunning level of convenience, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Despite the visual and the conceptual appeal of wet rooms there things you consider before undertaking such a project.

Firstly, you must take into consideration the amount of space you have at your disposal when converting a bathroom into a wet room. Then think about how you will designate the spaces in the area, will it feature a shower area, a toilet and a vanity or just a shower area on its own. Then you will want to think about reserving a special space to stay dry, for toilet paper, towels, and other toiletries.