An overview on rolling solar screens

Nowadays people are aware of the various advantages of rolling solar screens in Tucson AZ and therefore, these screens have taken over the energy market. Solar screens can be used as an alternate source of energy generation because it is a medium of story solar energy. Moreover, these screens can also be placed in front of doors and windows to provide shade to the building. This way, not only the ambiance of the room is improved but it also proves to be a reliable source of energy hence giving us multiple benefits at a time.


There is not much difference in the appearance of these screens to the regular screens. However, they can be used with or without window screens. When they are installed with windows, they reduce the amount of sunlight passing through hence making your room look comfortable. Due to the dense meshes in the screen, they absorb all the sunlight that passes through them. Moreover, the materials used in the production of these screens help to reduce the heat in the building. This is because they absorb all the rays passing through which not only make the building hot but are also harmful for people. However, healthy air and light can pass through these screens and contribute to the good environment indoors. It helps in reducing the ventilation by letting air pass through them.


Solar screens are popular due to the various benefits they provide. From health related benefits to economic benefits, people can take advantage in a number of ways. They make the indoor areas more economical along with being energy efficient and comfortable.

A few of the advantages these screens provide are as follows:

  • As solar screens serve as an alternate source of energy generation, they help in reducing your energy bills costs. By saving more energy, you eventually end up saving your money.
  • It is one of the most affordable sources of solar energy. Not only does it come cheap but it also requires low maintenance. There are a number of other technologies including solar windows but solar screens are way cheaper.
  • Other than energy and cost benefits, these screens also provide a number of health benefits as well. They block the harmful rays and heat from coming into the building and therefore, you can say that these screens are beneficial for your health.
  • No matter what the size of your room is, these screens can be cut down to your requirements. Also, if you want the screen to be more or less dense, then the mesh density can also be altered to your choice.
  • After some time, the furniture and other interior elements start to fade and become worn out due to UV rays. If you get these screens installed, harmful rays won’t be able to pass through and hence your interior would be protected.
  • These screens are the best option if you are strict about privacy. These screens partially block the views from the outside and therefore, you won’t have to worry about privacy anymore.

As these screens don’t let the harmful heat ways to pass through they help in keeping the room fresh, cool and airy. You would experience a better environment and your use of air conditioners would be reduced. On the other hand, in winters it absorbs the heat inside the room and keeps the room hot.


Although solar screens have a number of advantages, they also have a few drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback is that there are a number of other technologies that can compete with this. Other solar technologies are just as efficient as solar screens and give the screens a tough competition. Some of the major drawbacks are discussed below:

The biggest disadvantage is that the usage is very limited and it can help you in only a few ways. Moreover, they absorb the UV radiation so it is important that they are placed in direct sunlight so they can absorb the radiation and use it later. If the day is rainy or cloudy, the efficiency of the solar screen would be minimized and you would have to look for other sources of energy. Also, if the screen hasn’t absorbed sunlight during the day, you won’t be able to make it work in the night.

  • If your building window has a good view of the surroundings, the solar screen installation would hinder the view and you would find it difficult to see everything across clearly.
  • You need to properly maintain the screens and look for cracks and other damages. If a screen gets broken down, a lot of money would be required to get it replaced or repaired.
  • Due to the invention of solar windows, people usually opt for them and it has led to the downfall of the market of solar screens.