Bunnings Timber Benchtop Is a Great Option When Renovating or Building a New Kitchen

Kitchen benchtops or countertops encounter heavy use and abuse. As such, they must be able to weather wear and tear for as long as possible because they face water almost every time. There are at least half a dozen different types of materials you can use for kitchen benchtops. Here are a few of types discussed, each material can deliver less or more in the way of durability. This article will also provide you with the reasons why you should choose timber material from these bunnings benchtops.

Let’s just talk about other types of materials available in the market then we will discuss why you should go for timber. First of all, let’s discuss stone. These stones can be natural or engineered. Natural stone is one of the more expensive options. Their durability depends on the type of stone you prefer. There are various styles, colors, and types available in the market. They come in the price range from $800 to $2,000 per square meter. Their price highly depends on the color, style, and type of it. Darker colors are more expensive than the lighter ones. Engineered stone has rapidly made inroads into the territory of natural stones. They are engineered to look alike natural but they can’t provide the natural look. They are a bit cheaper than natural stones.

Next up is steel. They are made of stainless steel. There not verity of color and style available in this material. They are simple and of the same colors but you can paint them to make them look different. They come in the price range of $900 to $1300. This is not much durable as they get rusty due to water. Next up to discuss is bunnings timber benchtop. It is made of hardboard timber and they provide a beautiful and natural look to your kitchen. It can be more effective than natural stone if you are looking for an organic and natural accent for your kitchen and home. They are gaining popularity due to their rustic feel and natural look and are a good option due to their durability. They provide durability in this use as it doesn’t get damaged due to water.

Stone also provides durability but the stone is not repairable. If a stone gets broken, scratched or stained you can’t repair these damages you have to replace it with a new one, whereas they can easily be repaired if they get stained or dented. Moreover, the stone is more expensive, whereas timber comes in $300 to $500 per square meter. You may be thinking of engineered stone is not as much expensive but it doesn’t provide a natural look to your kitchen and it is also not repairable. Moreover, timber can also be stained to get more colors and styles and provide your kitchen a new fantastic look. It can outlast almost every other material. You may think that it is softer but it can be sanded and refinished again to provide a new look. Hope this article is helpful for you.