Consider a walk in clinic in Houston, when you need to visit the doctor for a minor health condition

People normally go to their family physician or doctor when they fall sick. It is rare that such people go into walk-in clinics for any kind of routine or emergency check-ups. But if one has faced a small emergency over the weekend, you should not wait and take the patient to a clinic immediately. Hence, if you are living in Houston, you should know about some clinics in the vicinity.

Advantages of walk-in clinics:

This medical care facility is one of the most cost effective options available at such a short notice. If you can’t visit a hospital immediately for a minor burn, injury or sickness, you can always go to a walk-in clinic near your location. It is also easier to visit a clinic without a prior appointment, where you can go in case of emergency situations.

People who do not have insurance have a great advantage for saving up on the high costs. An emergency room at a hospital for any minor illnesses and conditions can easily charge up to thousands of dollars but doctors at walk in clinics in Houston have kept the cost low for such visitors and patients.

Disadvantages of walk-in clinics:

The waiting time over the weekend, or evening hours can be stretched to a few hours, as no one can determine how many patients would need to be catered. Some days are quite slow and patients take a few minutes to leave after being treated. At other busy days, the area may be less to accommodate so many emergency cases, or the waiting time can be extended. For patients who do not have much money to rush to a hospital may end up in a critical situation due to negligence and no immediate care and treatment.

You will come across various medical officers and doctors daily, unless someone is visiting regularly. Patients with a medical condition that requires regular checkup would require visiting according to the doctor’s schedule. The doctor may not be available when the patient needs assistance so he would have to visit the new one at the walk-in clinic.

Whatever your health condition is, you should not take it lightly and rush to the nearest clinic immediately. In situations where it is late in the night and your infant has been crying for a while, you should not even ignore this situation. If the pediatrician is not available, taking him to the nearest clinic is the right option. They can handle many family practice health issues.

These clinics can provide treatment for the following health conditions:

  • Headaches
  • Sore throats
  • Fevers
  • Rashes
  • Viral infections
  • Cuts or bruises
  • Minor sprains or fractures
  • Cough
  • Diarrhea

In addition to treating these conditions, a few walk-in clinics can also administer immunizations and conduct lab tests, physical exams, etc. to attend the patients.

How to find the right walk-in clinic:

There are a lot of walk-in clinics that have opened recently. They are usually funded by private investors, which mean that they are not associated to a hospital. They usually take less time except on weekends. They care not usually available in large metropolitan areas. But you should make some research and find a few clinics nearby so that you can consider one in case of an emergency. They can provide with basic first aid and treat minor injuries and burns, which can provide you peace of mind when you can’t make it to the hospital immediately.