How to narrow down your options while buying a dual zone wine cooler freestanding

If you are a wine collector or someone who enjoys throwing parties on the weekends, should know where to stash those expensive bottles. It makes sense to invest in an appliance that can hold all your expensive beverages. It is imperative that you understand that wine needs to be stored at a certain temperature in order to get the best flavor. So before you venture out, it would suffice to do some research.

When buying a dual zone wine cooler freestanding, decide where you want to place the unit. Make sure that it is kept away from heat. Usually we place the fridge in the kitchen but if there isn’t proper ventilation then it can cause problems. Both the red and white wine require being stored at a certain temperature. Upon failing to do so, can affect its flavor and aroma. There are contrasting opinions on the temperature but talking to an expert can guide you in this regard. According to sources, red wine should be served cold than warm. Ideally the temperature should be somewhere between 18 degree. As for white wine it is the exact opposite. It is much suitable to serve them warm i.e. 10-13 C.


Buying a cooling unit is an investment that should be carefully thought out. Depending on your need and how frequently you drink wines or want it for entertaining guests will determine the size of the fridge. Getting a big unit but the requirement isn’t will only waste your money. It wouldn’t be an idea worth pursuing.  If you don’t have a large collection then a small unit should be apt. There are also other features that are worth visiting such as does the fridge have a lock. If you have children in the house or you need to keep the chiller in the office. It is better to procure a unit with a lock to ensure safety. It is recommended to always read customer testimonials and find out what the customer has to say about the product. Are they happy with their purchase and would they recommend to other people.