Polished plaster finishing for your powder room

Probably the tiniest room the house and you’re thinking about using polished plaster for the walls. It is the room that all the guests will look at. We want this one room to make a striking impression. We have to make it attractive and design it so creatively that it makes everyone’s jaw drop.

new polished plaster design for walls

A good strategy would be to use a faux finish. It is available in countless colors and will get the job done. For those of you who do not know, a faux finish is when you try to replicate the look and feel of materials like marble, stone or wood on your walls through the use of decorative finishing.

With even such a limited space like a powder room, you can do many things. You can decide a good color scheme for this room. But if you think that you do not have a specific color scheme or design in mind, just play around with the colors. Tell your interior designer or plasterer what kind of vogue you are looking for in the room. You can choose an exotic and luxurious look.

Venetian plaster is rich polished plaster that seems to have been invented by the Romans in the early 15th century. Later on, it moved to the rich houses of Venice. The plaster was developed back then and now, its quality has improved drastically. Originally, it was made with ground lime and marble powder but today, it is mostly acrylic and simpler to work with.

People use Venetian polished plaster to create a stone-like look for their walls. If this plaster is used more creatively it can be made to give a completely different look. Artists nowadays are adding more chemicals to further enhance the look and feel of Venetian plaster. They are adding iridescent glazes and metallic waxes which have elevated the look of this type of plaster to a whole new level.

The choice of colors for this beautiful plaster is never ending. It comes in inky black, blue sapphire, blazing crimson, spiritual turquoise; the list goes on and on. The shade and color of your desire are dependent upon your imagination. You can make any color with this plaster. At the end of it, you just have to get a metallic wax (copper, pewter, and bronze) applied which will change the look and feel of the finish. The depth of the colors will take your guests by surprise.

Some people also try multi-layering of different shades of plasters. That adds some zing to the interior décor. Two colors that are contrasting, when mixed together, will create visual masterpieces.

If you decide that you want to go with a look or design with only a single color then it is fine as well. Whatever color or design you choose in Venetian polished plaster for your walls and ceilings will be the right choice. The reason is that this plaster gives the polished, sealed and waxed look that is not only visually stunning but is also durable and resistant to wear. The sturdiness of the plaster is perfect for a powder room or a damp bathroom which is the most useful aspect of this finishing.

So, if you have decided upon a suitable design for your walls and ceiling for the powder room combined with the skill and talent of a faux finisher, let work begin. Communicate your ideas very clearly to the finisher and then when he has understood your vision for the room, let him work in a relaxed environment.