Temporary Construction Fence Is The Safest Way To Complete Your Project

Temporary construction fences are used when there is a need for moveable or partial security. They are usually used on job sites where one needs to maintain some level of security during construction. This is because; often times construction sites are highly populated or high foot traffic areas that require additional security and safety measures.


There are many types of construction fences one needs to know about before choosing the right one for the construction project. While determining the right type of temporary construction fence, you don’t only need to look at the functionality but also at its ease of setup, breakdown, and storage. We have discussed the pros and cons of various types of fences so you can choose the best one for your project:

  • Chain link:

This is the interlocking wire fencing that many people use during the residential construction. It comes in a large roll of chain link and attached posts. The posts are driven into the ground or put into cement holders. This is considered the safest type of temporary construction fence due to its durability and stability. Moreover, it varies in height which proves to be a valuable feature. You can choose the one according to your requirements. Its one disadvantage is that it takes a long time to setup which takes up much of your energy and manpower.

  • Barricades:

These are mainly used to prevent the pedestrians and vehicles from entering the restricted area. Although they don’t offer the same level of security and safety as the chain link fencing does, but they are durable and strong. These are not specifically built for security, therefore; they are built shortly in height and are free standing.

They are advantageous because they are easy to set up, take down and move about but still, they are not recommended for and active construction site.

  • Mesh:

Wire mesh fencing is most probably the safest type of temporary fencing. They are tighter and closer than the chain link and their weight is also much lighter. For this reason, they are easy to carry and move about. Mesh fences are easy to set up, tear down and store. When panels are stacked, they interlock, allowing more panels to store and all the while taking up much less of the space. It makes the best choice because they are easy to handle at a construction site.

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of all these construction fences, you can make the decision of choosing the right one.