Things to keep in mind while hiring a luxury limousine

Whether you are looking forward to a luxury limo hire in Melbourne for a wedding or a business meeting or simply a comfortable and relaxing airport transfer, you should consider all aspects of the renting company to make sure that you get the best deal. Many people don’t opt for limousine services because they believe that the services are quite costly but the truth is that limousine services are more affordable than you can imagine.


Although there are many limousine companies that offer exemplary services but there are a few details and considerations that you need to keep in mind in order to avoid potential problems. Here are a few tips that are sure to make your experience worthwhile and memorable:

  • You should know that luxury limousines are not readily available because people usually pre-book them for their convenience. Therefore, you can’t get a luxury limousine on a short call’s notice. It might happen that you would become lucky but it is safer to pre-book a limousine ahead of the schedule to avoid any unfortunate circumstances. This way you would be sure to get the car exactly when you need it.
  • Every limousine company has its own set of rules and regulations regarding pets. Some companies are happy to accommodate pets if all of their conditions and regulations are met. Moreover, the company also needs to be informed in advance. Just taking your dog or cat along with you for the ride is probably not a good idea because you wouldn’t have notified the company and they wouldn’t have made the necessary arrangements for your pet. On the other hand, there are companies who don’t appreciate bringing the pets along so if you are taking your pet with you, it’s better to get educated about these rules and regulations.
  • Bringing children along for the ride is also one of the things that you should inform before you hire the limousine. Although the company usually doesn’t create fuss about it, but they like to be told in advance. If your child is a new born or a toddler then they need to set up a baby seat for him. This can also be done if they know ahead of the schedule. If the chauffeur didn’t know children were included then they probably won’t arrive with a suitable legally-compliant child seat and that could spell the end of your planned journey before it even begins.
  • While hiring a luxury car service, you need to plan everything in advance. This is because the company starts charging you the moment you take the ride in the car and would charge you for the entire time you use it. If you haven’t planned your ride, then you would end up spending more money than you intended to do. It is always a good idea to discuss your travel deadlines in advance so you can save your time and money.
  • Although most of the companies don’t offer hourly charges but there are a number of companies that charge you on hourly basis. They are fine because they have potentially low cost routes but unfavorable circumstances like traffic jams can be an issue and add to your charges. Therefore, build in a little hire contingency when booking the vehicle on hourly basis.
  • There are a number of luxury vehicles that come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Choose the car while keeping in mind its use. if you are hiring a car for a road show event, then you can hire a car with a sporty look but on the other hand, if you are hiring for a wedding then a white or black limousine or a BMW would be the ideal option.