Tips on choosing the bathroom tiles

Although many people think that bathroom is the last place that needs to be properly designed and decorated but the truth are that beautiful rectangle tiles or mosaic tiles in bathrooms add to the beauty of the house. Even if the bathrooms are small, you can decorate it in such a way that it would give illusion of a spacious bathroom. When you are renovating your house, you need to make sure that you follow these tips so your bathroom would look airy and stylish.

  • The colors of the walls should always be kept light. If the colors are dark, it would make the space look small and congested. However, a lighter color palette always make a space look bigger than it really is and you would feel more relaxed and comfortable there. Don’t forget to match the color and texture of the tiles to that of the rooms so it would create symmetry. Dark walls would enclose your bathroom and make it a confined space.
  • Many people make barriers for the shower area or install wet rooms which make the bathroom look even smaller. If you install frameless glass showers in the bathrooms then it would be better. It would create a seamless floor that would make your bathroom look bigger and cleaner.
  • People usually tend to keep the windows and blinds closed in the bathrooms which are not good for hygiene and the environment. You should make the windows which can be kept open when the bathroom is not in use. Moreover, install skylights in the bathroom to make it brighter and give you a relaxing feel. When the light reflects on the bathroom tiles, it would enhance the look of your bathroom.
  • The placement of the tiles should be in such a way that it makes the bathroom look stylish. It would be a great way to enhance the size of the bathroom. Instead of placing tiles in a straight manner, herringbone pattern attracts more to the eye and make the bathroom more attractive.
  • If you install a look length mirror in the bathroom, then it would reflect the tiles and make the bathroom look bigger. If you use grey or beige tiles, then it would look better when the tiles reflect on the floor.
  • There is no need to install tiles with extensive patterns on them. They would only make the place look clumsy and untidy. Keep the look of your bathroom simple and minimal so it would give off a sense of style and class.
  • Make sure that the tiles used are of highest quality so you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance and grouting of the tiles. Buy the tiles from a reliable contractor so you can be sure of the quality. Also, good contractors would have a large variety of tiles to choose from. They would even advice you on the best tiles to choose from.