What you need to know about bathroom installations

In contrary to what most people think, the washroom tub or shower installation does not have to be a huge renovation project. In some cases, if you think that your budget is not enough, then you may choose to go with the option of simply replacing the tub or shower with newer models with the latest features. If you want to go with a complete bathroom installation in Milton Keynes then you can do that too, depending on your budget.

Do not throw out the old equipment just yet!

Many people think that just because their old washroom tubs and showers are used up or worn out, they are at the end of their life. They think that the solution to this problem is to completely remove the older equipment and install the new one. This can be a big, messy job for anyone who wants to simply replace their old equipment. An alternative would be to use a custom made tub and shower installation that can be installed on top of your old fixtures. This is a more feasible solution as it causes no damage to the tiles, walls, plumbing or floors.

This is an easy solution to your installation needs and can be completed within a day and if you possess enough skill and training, you can do this without hiring a plumber. At the same time, there are some people who want to upgrade their washrooms for added pleasure and convenience. For those people, there are some important tips to consider so that their projects are completed smoothly.

Fitting through the door

All of us would be thrilled to get our old bathtubs replaced with large-sized, two person tub. The point to think about is if it would fit through the door of the restroom because these things are usually installed before the installation of the walls so all types of customizations are easy at that time. With that in mind, if you want to replace your restroom items with bigger items, then it could be a problem.

The one-piece tub and shower installations are very big and bulky to handle and install so they are more suited for fitting in a newly built home or a major renovation project. If you want to do a simple replacement project which involves the replacement of a tub or a shower then there are sectional shower fittings and tub surrounds that, once installed, are hard to distinguish from the one-piece units.

Bigger tubs will need bigger plumbing arrangements

Besides the size of the tub and how it will fit in the room, you need to consider other important factors like plumbing, water heaters and floor supports. If you are really considering installing a big sized tub then the standard half inch water pipes that are installed in your homes will take longer time to fill up the tub. You might want to consider three-quarter inch supply pipes for increased convenience.

When we talk about water heating then you need to replace your water heating systems to accommodate your tub size. For example, if you have an 80 gallon tub then pairing it with a water heating tank with a capacity of 50-75 gallons will be a mistake. The low capacity of the water heating tank will not be sufficient for your large-sized bath tub so you need to think of alternatives. You can do this by installing a tub that has inline water heating which will continuously heat and circulate water in the bath tub so that the entire time, you can have hot water and not worry about it going cold.

Can you floor handle the weight of the new bathtub?

This is a very important factor to consider when doing complete bathroom installation in Milton Keynes. Most washroom floors are designed to support the weight of the standard tub although most washroom floors today can accommodate most luxury tubs. If you are going for a big tub then you need to make sure that you floors are re-enforced to handle all that weight otherwise, it will not hold and you will have to spend a lot of money on a new floor.

In any case, whatever option you choose for your bathtub or shower, you can take the opportunity to get a new device installed which is an anti-scald device. These are balancing valves that automatically adjust when there is a change or fluctuation in the temperature of the water when someone flushes the toilet or starts doing the laundry for which they will need a lot of water. These are very important additions that you can make to your washroom and will only increase convenience.

Will you need a permit for the work you do?

You need to check with your local municipality if you would need a permit for the renovation work you want to do in your bathroom. The laws can vary from one municipality to another so you need to stay updated before you begin. Otherwise, you will be forced to start over.